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Welcome to our Zoom Online Training Course! We’re so happy to have you here.

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The course is divided up into 3 main modules. Based on the option that you selected, you will have access to one or more of these modules.

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Preparation - Getting Started with Zoom

If you will be hosting meetings with individuals that haven’t used Zoom before, this is a good tool that will help them to join their first meeting.

Feel free to share this link.

Download here

Module 3 - Advanced Zoom Features

We start off looking at the difference between the basic and pro versions of Zoom. In some cases you don’t even need to spend money to use great functions!

Duration: 4 mins

If you’ve been watching social media during the Covid-19 pandemic, you would have seen some Facebook LIVE videos taking over! Now you can capitalise on your Zoom skills to stream straight to Facebook all at the same time.

Duration: 4 mins

Sometimes sharing one screen just isn’t enough. We look at the ways you can share multiple participants’ screens during this session.

Duration: 6 mins

We finally get to some juicy bits! Breakout rooms are fantastic ways to enhance engagement and participation in longer webinars. In this session we see what it looks like from the host’s perspective.

Duration: 5 mins

If you’ve never been in a breakout room before, it’s difficult to imagine what it might look like. Here we take you behind (or is it in front of) the scenes as we see breakout rooms from the participants’ perspective.

Duration: 4 mins

Part one of three in which we explore the different ways to schedule a meeting. Different levels of detail and convenience to match.

Duration: 2 mins

Part two of three in which we explore the different ways to schedule a meeting. This part is focused on using the Zoom desktop app.

Duration: 2 mins

Part three of three in which we explore the different ways to schedule a meeting. This part is focused on using your browser to schedule a meeting. The options here are most comprehensive.

Duration: 3 mins

Finally we close out with something fun and engaging… Polls! Use them at your own risk as they can be glitchy. But it’s worth it!

Duration: 4 mins

Thank You!

We have no doubt that you have learnt loads during these sessions!

Thank you for joining us on this journey. It’s not the end though.

You need to put these new-found skills into practice!

So now that you’re super prepared, join us for a LIVE workshop where you have the opportunity to co-host and show us what you’ve learnt!

No judgement here. It’s a safe space to ask questions and make mistakes. And learn from others while you’re at it!


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