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The course is divided up into 3 main modules. Based on the option that you selected, you will have access to one or more of these modules.

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Preparation - Getting Started with Zoom

If you will be hosting meetings with individuals that haven’t used Zoom before, this is a good tool that will help them to join their first meeting.

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Download here

Module 2 - Best Practices

Following best practice in the online space, whether using Zoom or other video conferencing tools, will have a major effect on the quality of your sessions. Have a look at what we recommend and see how you can apply it!

Duration: 5 mins

Security on Zoom has been a major concern. We deep dive into different areas to protect yourself. This first part has a focus on the meeting options you can select when scheduling the meeting.

Duration: 2 mins

This session focuses on the security features built in for the Zoom host. It includes using the waiting room and even removing participants.

Duration: 3 mins

This session focuses on best practice around security, such as the use of passwords, sharing details on social media and more.

Duration: 3 mins

Closing out this section we look at the difference between using a phone and laptop. Understanding the difference is vital for assisting your attendees during the session.

Duration: 5 mins

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