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Welcome to our Zoom Online Training Course! We’re so happy to have you here.

Start off by meeting your host, Kristine Tudhope. She is the Founder of UPvisor and passionate about helping businesses unlock their potential through their profitability and productivity!

A Warm Welcome

The course is divided up into 3 main modules. Based on the option that you selected, you will have access to one or more of these modules.

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But in the meantime, let’s get started with a nice warm welcome from your host!

Preparation - Getting Started with Zoom

If you will be hosting meetings with individuals that haven’t used Zoom before, this is a good tool that will help them to join their first meeting.

Feel free to share this link.

Download here

Module 1 - An Overview of Zoom

This first session provides you with an example of setting up the ground rules for your meeting. Failure to do this well may affect the quality of your session.

Duration: 3 mins

In this session we provide an overview of the course, but more importantly take you on a screen tour of the participant’s screen.

Duration: 3 mins

In this session we take a look at the host’s screen and learn about the joys (and dangers) of screen annotations.

Duration: 5 mins

In this session we explore basic and advanced video settings. Some of the settings include mirroring your screen and suggested settings when joining a  meeting.

Duration: 4 mins

Picking up where we left off with video settings, we point out a few “hidden” audio settings that could be really useful.

Duration: 1 min

We all love being on holiday! Now you can pretend to be with your virtual background. Check out some of these links for great backgrounds on your next call.

Duration: 2 mins

Understanding the different options for recording preferences could save you some headaches next time you try to avoid taking notes during your meeting…

Duration: 1 min

We briefly look at keyboard shortcuts in this session. However, there is greater focus on the many other settings that you can change in the online Zoom browser. Some of the default settings you should consider are:

  • Enabling a waiting room
  • Using a password
  • Don’t allow guests to join before the host
  • Record meetings automatically (or not)
  • Mute participants upon entry
  • Allow chats (including private chats, depending on the type of events you host)
  • Don’t play sound when guests join or leave a meeting
  • Allow co-host permissions
  • Enable polls
  • Set specific rules relating to screen sharing depending on the type of events you host

Duration: 3 mins

Did you know you could talk to someone privately? Perhaps… How about chatting to people in the waiting room? Check out the different options here.

Duration: 2 mins

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