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Tune-in Tuesday: Cyndi Gilbey - 12 May 2020

Today we spoke to Cyndi Gilbey Owner and founder of OK2BU, where we learnt more about her passion about helping others discover who they are and where they need to be in life. She’s all about celebrating your uniqueness in life!

Our biggest takeaway – Keep doing one or two things every day that will help you to keep moving forward!

Learn more about OK2BU at www.ok2bu.co.za and Facebook.

Tune-in Tuesday: Samantha Flack - 5 May 2020

Samantha Flack, from Sage and Co. Marketing, had great information to share about how to identify clients and elevate your digital presence. Worth a listen!

Our biggest take-away – Fail fast and fail forward. Don’t wait. Just get out there!

For more about Sage and Co. Marketing, find them online, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Engeli, Pagdens and UPvisor - 30 April 2020

We had the pleasure of being invited back to speak as one of a panel of experts on the topic of Preparing Remote Workers for a staggered return to the workplace after lockdown! We were a panel of all females. #girlpower!

The slide deck is available for download here.

The topics in this webinar are:

  • Topic 1 – Staggered Lock-down – Preparing your workforce to return! (Kristine Tudhope – UPvisor)
  • Topic 2 – Health & Safety – Ensuring your workplace is fully compliant and ready (Claire Deacon – Claire Deacon & Associates)
  • Topic 3 – Financial – Phase 2 Economic Relief Measures Overview (Liesel Williams – Fenns Inc Chartered Accountants)

Tune-in Tuesday: Clair Pyle - 28 April 2020

Today we interviewed Clair Pyle, Owner at Coach to Thrive where we learnt more about Clair and how she overcame major obstacles in her life along the way. This inspired her to help others to do the same. Whether health, emotional or otherwise.

Our biggest takeaway – it’s okay to ask for help! It’s not necessary to do it on your own all the time.

For more information and resources from Coach to Thrive, visit www.clairpyle.com and check out her business on Facebook or Instagram.

My Speaker Highlight for Entrepreneurs Unite - 23 April 2020

In preparation for my slot at the Entrepreneurs Unite Summit – Back to Basics, Matthew Currin, the host and owner of Convene Communities interviewed me.

Check out what I had to say, with a sneak peek at what my topic would be about.

Engeli, Pagdens and UPvisor - 22 April 2020

We had the pleasure of being invited to speak as one of a panel of experts on the topic of Mental well-being of employees during the Covid-19 lockdown! Brushing shoulders with some big names was super nerve-wrecking! But there was great engagement and we had a wonderful time together.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties, the recording for the start of my topic was cut off. There were a few questions I also answered at the end of the session. The slide deck is available. Download it here.

The topics in this webinar are:

  • Topic 1 – Caring for Remote Workers and their mental well-being – And Why it Matters! (Kristine Tudhope – UPvisor)
  • Topic 2 – Disciplining and Monitoring Performance of Employees during Lock Down (Antonie Pieterse – SMART Turnkey Solutions)
  • Topic 3 – Using S-189 to Restructure and Change Terms and Conditions of Employment (Matthew Kemp – Pagdens Inc)

Tune-in Tuesday: Terence Knott-Craig - 17 March 2020

This week we interviewed Terence Knott-Craig, owner of The Springboard Academy (Pty) Ltd, an Entrepreneur and Business coach where we learn more about how he lives out his purpose everyday in his business. Tune-in to learn more about how he facilitates the growth and upliftment of small businesses, and especially youth to create a solution to unemployment.

Our biggest takeaway – you are valuable! You can only communicate value if you understand your own first!

For more information and resources on The Springboard Academy visit www.thespringboard.co.za and check out his business on Facebook or on Instagram.

Tune-in Tuesday: Tanya van de Water - 25 February 2020

We had the privilege of interviewing Tanya van de Water Clinical Psychologist, a Clinical Psychologist operating from Henley-on-Klip in Meyerton, Gauteng. Listen in to hear what she had to say about her purpose and how she lives it out everyday in business.

Our biggest take-away – put on your big girl panties and get out there!

For more information and resources, make sure to check out her website, Facebook or Instagram.

Kingfisher FM - 6 November 2019

It was an honour and a privilege to chat to Kingfisher FM’s Ethan Black, as well as Melvin Iverson and Cameron Millar from Yo Media, about my journey of Entrepreneurship. I was excited to share about God’s faithfulness in my business, as I know that I could not have met up with the people that I have and had the success that I’ve had, if it was not for God’s grace. Check out this interview to hear more about what we had to say.


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