Kristine Tudhope CA (SA), Business Strategist

We all need someone to make sense of the chaos and get us through the crisis.

There’s no better time than the present!

No matter what your strategic business goal is, I will do whatever I can to help you make it happen! From starting up to pivoting… I’m here for you.

The Six things that happen when you meet me, your business strategist

Explore your skills

We unpack your strengths, talents, skills and experiences to find what makes you unique.

Learning on the go

Hit the ground running with your ideas. Tweak and change on the go. At the same time, get the tools you need to upskill yourself.

Fixing the mindset

We break down the lies you tell yourself. No more limiting beliefs! You are awesome!

Improve your capacity

Taking what's in your hand and taking it to the next level. We implement strategies that will enhance your offering.

Flexible manuvers

I adjust to where you are at! Starting-up or pivoting, doesn't matter. We build something that is right for you.

Focused passion

Always drawing back to your why, I help you to have clarity of vision and focus.

My Clients say

Why wait? Punch fear in the face and let’s rock it!

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