Training Academy: Managing your Financial Risk


If you’re ready to level up your financial knowledge, Unlock your Inner CFO, and thereby create a more successful business, then join our Training Academy!

Learn about managing your financial risk in a practical way!

Uncertainty… Danger… Adrenaline… What do all these have in common? Risk! And some days in running a business can feel like high stakes and roller-coaster rides. There are so many risks that business owners need to take into account. Financial risk is one of them. So, if you’re wondering what will happen if we go back to hard lockdown, or how you’re going to get through the next season of uncertainty, then this course is for you! We deal with topics like:
  • What is risk?
  • Why should I care?
  • How do I manage it?
PLUS: Your worksheet is built up around your risk assessment process and arriving at a risk matrix for presentation to management or shareholders. Our Online Academy includes bite-sized videos, additional resources and more! To learn more about our previous topics, visit http://tiny.cc/upvisor-academy, click on the topic you’re interested in, and then follow the links to sign up.