Personal Finance Webinar


1 hour finance webinar about goal setting for your personal finances.

With the start of the new year comes many resolutions, goals & plans. But have you considered the impact on your personal finances and the implications of these plans? Are you able to afford it?

Join us for your regular fill of personal financial wellbeing where we will consider:

– goal setting for financial wellbeing
– factors affecting your budget
– strategies to achieve your goals

One hour. One concept. One happy step closer to your financial wellbeing ?

Bonus! Check us out from the comfort of your couch (or desk) during lunch hour. No need to do anything other than click some buttons ?

Pricing options:

– All 11 sessions: R2 475
– Normal price: R260 per session

What you get:
– access to a qualified Chartered Accountant
– opportunity to ask questions relating to your financial situation
– printables / worksheets relating to the content (worth up to R150 each)