Online Networking Event: The impact of Covid-19


Join us for an online networking event and joint discussion about how Covid-19 is affecting you and your small business.

Strategise and network, all from the comfort (and safety) of your own home!

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Join us for an online networking event and joint discussion about how Covid-19 is affecting you and your small business.

We’ve seen the news, and there is widespread panic. Businesses are sending people home and working remotely is becoming the norm. But what does this mean for you business? Let’s see what creative ideas we can up with as we discuss the impact this is having on our own small businesses.

PLUS: Just because live networking events have been cancelled, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t network at all.

This is a free preview of what’s to come to support entrepreneurs like you in the online space!

So we will be hosting an online networking event where you get to connect with other entrepreneurs and small business owners in this space.

How the online networking will work:

  • Each attendee will have the opportunity to showcase their business for 60 seconds.
  • During each 60 second slot, your business profile will be reflected on the screen.
  • Your business profile and contact details will be made available to other attendees after the event.
  • While listening to other pitches, make a note of who you might want to connect with afterwards.

Rules of engagement:

  • As this will be a video conference, please note that appropriate work attire is expected (but if you’re wearing your PJ pants or slippers and we can’t see them, all good! Work on top, party on the bottom, right? 😁)
  • Any attendees engaging in other activities during the event will have their video camera switched off during the event (e.g. no treadmills and yoga allowed on camera😉).  You will still be able to listen in to the event though.
  • There will be space to ask questions and raise your hand within the Zoom platform to maintain a bit of order.
  • As there is a limited amount of time available for this session, the event spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Make sure you get your FREE ticket quickly!

Once you have booked your seat, please send your business profile to admin@upvisor.co.za.

*Only profiles that meet these requirements will be loaded and allowed to present during the networking event. Remember this will be sent out to all attendees after the event.

  • Format: JPG or PNG, in 16:4 aspect ratio (you can use Canva.com to create an image in the correct size by selecting the “Presentation” design option)
  • Requirements for the profile:
    • Name & brief description of your business
    • Business logo
    • Photo of you and / or your main product / service
    • One event / service / product you wish to showcase (e.g. promos etc)
    • Contact details – minimum:
      • Name & surname
      • Email
      • Contact number

So to summarise, this is what you will do:

  • Book your FREE ticket
  • Send your business profile
  • Receive your Zoom invitation link
  • Download the Zoom application to your phone or computer (before the event not once it has started!)
  • Dress up in appropriate business attire
  • Join us on Thursday 10AM on Zoom. Participate, discuss, pitch, network, enjoy!!


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