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Zoom - Module 1

An Overview Of Zoom

In this module, we explore topics such as:
  • Setting your ground rules
  • Comparing the participant’s screen to that of the host
  • Video and audio settings
  • Using a virtual background
  • Setting up your recordings
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Zoom
  • An Overview Of Zoom

    8 Videos. 28 minutes.
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    Zoom - Module 2

    Best Practices

    Whether you’re on Zoom or a different platform, video calls come with their own set of rules.
    Understanding and communicating best practices to your attendees and clients will enable you to run a wildly successful meeting!
    The most important part of this module is around security settings. Avoid Zoom-bombing at all costs! (Except it doesn’t have to cost a thing!)

    Module 2 - Best Practices

    5 Videos. 18 minutes.
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    Zoom - Module 3

    Advanced Zoom Features

    Okay, so you know how to move around in Zoom? Great!
    Let’s get you settled in with more advanced topics such as:
  • Streaming to Facebook
  • Using Breakout Rooms
  • Sharing multiple participants’ screens
  • Using polls
  • Advanced Zoom Features

    9 Videos. 34 minutes.
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    Personal Finance

    The Ultimate Financial Warrior Program

    Outwit your past. Outplay your present. Outlast your future.

    Break the poverty cycle of your past. Make your cash stretch further. And finally secure your financial future so you can leave a legacy!

    The Ultimate Financial Warrior Program

    14 Modules. 18 hours
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    Business Finance

    From CEO to CFO

  • Attaching Value to Your Outputs
  • Attaching Value to Your Inputs
  • Digging Deep In Your Balance Sheet
  • Why Budgeting is Not a Curse Word
  • Getting Morse Cash In Your Business Account
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Your Income Statement
  • From CEO to CFO

    2 webinars. 3 hours
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    I Am Kristine Tudhope.

    With 10 years of financial expertise as a CA (SA), I equip businesses to face their financial challenges. In the constantly changing realities of remote working and the online space, I have a passion for helping small businesses to increase their profitability and productivity through financial and remote working training and consultation.