Equipping you

As your financial performance consultant of choice, we equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to enhance your business profitability and the productivity of your workforce.

With access to the right training, business owners learn to understand financial concepts and strategies. Finally you can make informed business decisions! So, whether you equip yourself or your staff members, you will see great strides towards success in your business.

UPvisor offers technical and financial skills courses are focused on productivity and profitability:


Excel Foundations

Get to grips with the fundamentals of Excel and learn to reduce repetitive tasks, manipulate data and see it visually!

Content includes:

Creating your first workbook
Getting ready to print
Working with data
Using functions and formulas
Creating smart charts
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Excel Intermediate

Step up with our intermediate course and learn to clean up messy data, use lookup functions and create presentable spreadsheets.

Content includes:

Setting up your workbook
Printing for presentations
Working with data
Functions and formulas
More advanced charts
PivotTables (on request)
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Excel Advanced

Taking things to the extreme, you'll learn advanced functions and features within Excel to save you loads of time!

Content includes:

Formatting for analysis
Working with data
Advanced functions and formulas
Keyboard efficiencies
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Zoom training

Learn how to host a stress-free Zoom meeting, ensuring your attendees are engaged and productive.

What to expect

Three modules of pre-recorded videos takes the participant through a variety of features on Zoom.
LIVE workshops are also offered to practically apply the learnings!
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Time vs attention management

We're always hearing about time management, but is this actually the best approach to ensure productivity?

What to expect

Interactive workshops look at a variety of different tools that address:
- time management
- attention management
- energy management
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Working from Home

It's tough managing remote workers, but it's also tough being a remote worker...

What to expect

We equip both employees and employers to get the most out of a remote work-force.
From exploring digital tools to setting sound remote working policies, we've got you covered.
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Personal Finance Series

Need to take quick action to get on top of your personal finances?

An email series for you

This series of (free) emails will help you unlock your personal finances.
From budgeting to saving and a few things in between, this quick-fire series will help you take control.
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The Ultimate Financial Warrior Program

Are you ready to:
- Outwit your past?
- Outplay your present?
- Outlast your future?

What to expect

This step-by-step program helps your little go further and prepares you for a brighter financial future!
With videos, worksheets, templates and infographics, this is the ultimate equipping program.
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Business Finances

Let's equip you with the business financial skills you need to make good decisions, and come to grips with your numbers.

What to expect

Joining our training community gives you access to monthly live webinars and workshops.
Plus walk away with a worksheet to help you apply what you've learnt.
Bring on some profits!
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