About UPvisor

Individuals are seeking:
  • significance

(noun: the quality of being worthy of attention; importance), and

  • meaning

(noun: important or worthwhile quality; purpose)

  • work-life balance

(noun: the division of one’s time and focus between working and family or leisure activities)

in the work place.

We encourage, uplift, support, upskill to unlock potential!
UPvisor was born:
  • to raise up a generation of
  • employable individuals
  • who are well-skilled
  • and purpose-filled
  • delivering excellent work
  • at their highest potential
UPvisor aims to:
  • Unlock Potential
  • in an advisory capacity
  • through mentorship and training,
  • in an uplifting and inspirational manner.
  • Broad range of knowledge
  • technical finesse, and
  • a passion for seeing people achieve their full potential.

Who are we?

Kristine Tudhope CA(SA) Founder

Upon successful completion of her articles at PwC, Kristine qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2015. She promptly moved into industry to broaden her skill set. During this time she delved into many different areas that provided a grip on understanding business as a whole, and being able to make valuable contributions towards the availability of quality, user-friendly information. During her studies she collected many Top Performance accolades, and continued to be an invaluable team member during both her traineeship and her subsequent stint in industry.